Mobile Recover Footwear
CCA Industrial Design Thesis Project 2019

To those who play basketball, it's more than a game or a sport. It's a community built around competition and comradery. The best way to get to know someone is by playing with them, you learn to build trust and cater to each other’s strengths. It doesn’t matter where you come from, the basketball community is global and basketball itself is a universal language.

With Hypro mobile recovery footwear, not only players but also coaches and trainers have the freedom to recover and prevent injury while they travel to their next game, practice or home town. The pair of shoes are slid on, once the user has boarded their plane or bus.

A temperature control unit underneath their seat clicks into the back of the Hyrpo shoes. Once turned on, ice cold water fills the compression units in the shoe, providing instant relief. The temperature control unit keeps contant pressure on the ankle, while continuing to circulate new water to maintain the set temperature. The water temperature alternates between intervals of cold and hot to promote blood flow and circulation throughout the foot and lower ankle. When the plane or bus is nearing its destination, the unit will gradually warm the muscles and tendons in the feet and ankle to make sure they are ready for whatever activity is next.

The Process

Take ownership of your recovery
Temperature controlled compression units target muscle groups and tendons. Alternating tempuratures combat muscle soreness by draining lactic acids and promoting healthy bloodflow to the overworked foot and ankle.